Saturday, July 23, 2011

Non-stick cookware linked to hyperactivity in children

Concerns surrounding perfluorinated chemicals used in non-stick cookware, food packaging and stain repellant clothing have been raised for some time after these chemicals were found in the blood of over 90% of Americans. Recent research has now linked them to hyperactivity and early menopause amongst other things. Click here to see how you can reduce your exposure.
Saturday, July 16, 2011

Plastics to store food and beverages - Are Any Safe?

You probably already know that some plastics are a problem for our health in particularly PVC (3), polystyrene (6) and some polycarbonate (7) because they contain hormone disrupting chemicals which are thought to be contributing to early puberty, diabetes, obesity, heart disease as well as cancer of the breast and testicles. Well new research is indicating that some of the BPA free plastic could be more harmful than BPA! Many of these 'new' plastics such as PES (polyethylsulfone) contain BPS and BPF which have been shown to be stronger on their impact on the body than BPA.

My solution: use glass, ceramics, pyrex and stainless steel to store your food and beveriges in.

Here is my interview recently on Channel 10 The Circle to shed some light on the issue.

For further reading on plastics click here.

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